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Vancouver, Canada

Film & TV reel for comedian and actor Dylan Rhymer 



Babylon Music Video / ZQN

Time Helmet Post Production

FLU Supersonic Films

Wrecker IW Wrecker / Micheal Bufaro

Psych. "Cloudy...with a chance"  NBC / USA 

Comedy Now! starring Dylan Rhymer The Comedy Network

The Stand-Up Comedians Global / Paul Breau

The Dead Zone "The Last Goodbye"  USA Cable

Psych. "Pilot" NBC / USA Network

The Triple 8  Actor / Writer

Space Bomb  (Short) Michael Mabbot



Lysol Principal US, Canada, Australia,

FreshSlice Pizza, Canada National  

BC Dairy Board, Regional

Nova Scotia Recycling, Maritimes

Shaw Cable, Western Canada

The Bay, Canada National

Chicago Board Options Exchange, US National

Verizon Wireless Principal Worldwide

Global Lotto, Global Television

BC Lions, Rethink Media

Ricoh Office Supplies, US National

Flonase Allergy Medication, US National



Scarface: Video Game Voice Actor / Writer

CBC's The Debaters Performer / Writer CBC Radio Crime Stoppers, Newfoundland

Tooth & Claw (Web Series) Voice Actor / Writer 

The Verge Presenter, CBC Radio 

Commercial reel for comedian and actor Dylan Rhymer