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The Black Dog Video After Dark Podcast 

A nostalgia film review show recorded in one of the planet's last remaining video rental stores. Hosts Dylan Rhymer, Alex Chisholm and Darren Gay debate the films that time forgot to find out "does it hold up?"

Nature Red In Tooth & Claw

Spoof documentary web series created by Dylan Rhymer & Baljeet Rai, starring F Is For Family's Trevor Devall as an inept, sarcastic, often drunk nature show host whose train-wreck life mirrors the animals he's narrating. 

Blackout Broadcast

"Dylan Rhymer, Jackie Blackmore & Peter New present a faux radio-news program with dozens of characters, complete with acted-out commercials. The jokes come fast and furious. Why aren't these folks on the CBC? Their show is tailor-made for radio."

-Guy MacPherson, Georgia Straight

HOTBOX - 420

What can I say? In the 90's I was in a rap band. We smoked a lot of weed. We even made a video...

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